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Grace Above All

In the companion to The Summer Sherman Loved Me, a glum Grace arrives at a summer cabin: a waste of her precious vacation. On the first morning, Grace realizes with horror that the distant pink smudge drifting on the lake is her youngest sister, Beth. Grace plunges in because she’s the only capable body. At that moment, boys are the last thing on her mind. But Frankie aids in the rescue, and he’s really something. Grace begins to hope that maybe—despite having to care for three younger siblings, despite an oblivious mother smoking her brains out, despite the ancient great-aunt and her mysterious daughter—this summer vacation has possibilities.

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The Summer Sherman Loved Me

When twelve-year-old Margaret hears the boy next door call to her in the middle of the night, her heart races with excitement—and anxiety. Although Sherman insists that Margaret join him for a moonlight bike ride, he doesn't know what to expect any more than she does. Following that fiasco, Sherman does his best to impress Margaret with a squirrel he calls Little Margaret. Little Margaret? Facing her mother’s disapproval, life with ever-present three-year-old twin sisters, and the support of her best friend, Grace, Margaret attempts to sort out her feelings for Sherman. In the process, she just may find the confidence to say what she wants from Sherman and her family.

Book Designed by Nancy Goldenberg. Front cover photograph by Nick Dolding / Getty Images.
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Who Else Loves Sherman?
The Summer Sherman Loved Me is a beautiful, gentle novel about love and hope and the beginning of the end of childhood. This book will make you laugh out loud. It will make you cry. And it will make you wish, very much, that you had a squirrel of your own.
- Kate DiCamillo
A fresh and refreshing coming-of-age story.
- Starred, School Library Journal
A refreshingly gentle, insightful story that finds the drama in the small moments that mark a girl's passage into the teen years.
- Booklist
Skillfully captures the near magical mindset of childhood.
- Kirkus Reviews
St. Anthony's writing is lovely, perfectly evoking the first feelings of adolescent caring.
- St. Paul Pioneer Press
This sweet, funny and heartfelt novel offers a vivid portrait of what it was like to be 12 years old in the early '60s.
- The Buffalo News
You can almost feel the heat rising from the pages of Jane St. Anthony's debut novel.
- Scripps Howard News Service
St. Anthony's sparkling debut novel features innocent first love experienced by two supremely likable characters.
- San Diego Union-Tribune
A colorful cast of supporting characters . . . make this a novel to remember.
- The Capital Times, Madison
The 1960s setting re-creates those expansive summer days and nights when children slept on the porch to keep cool and roamed the neighborhood hatching furtive plans.
- Star Tribune, Minneapolis
The characters are imminently believable, the scenes so vivid and authentic you feel as if you could actually step into them.
- Education Oasis
A wonderful, refreshing book.
- Minnesota Parent
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